DATE: Thursday, May 23, 2019

LOCATION: Grassfield High School Gynamsium

TIME: 5:30 P.M.

COST: $25 per participant


  • 4 person team timed tumbling competition.

  • Teams will tumble for 8-10 minutes a round. Each flip from each team member will be counted and added together.

  • Each team will participate in two round and their totals from each round will be combined.

  • Top four teams will advance to semi-final round.

  • Semi-final round will be #1 seed vs #4 seed and #2 seed vs #3 seed; winners advance to final round.


  • There will also be an optional best pass tumbling competition.

  • Each contestant will get two warm-up tumbling passes and then a single pass to be judged.

  • Coaches will judge single passes of contestants on form, technique, and level of difficulty and award a winner.

  • The best pass competition will take place between the team tumbling competition and semi-final rounds.